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Pre-K and Preschool

Ages 2-5

Fall 2023-24 School Year

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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to educate and inspire children at the preschool level to continue to strengthen the mind and body for life.

We aspire to provide children at this level with a rich and developmentally stimulating opportunity to soar as individuals, socially, intellectually, and physically in order to experience readiness for and success in the years to come. We will provide the foundation of a unique and invaluable first educational experience in which to build a positive lifetime of growth and development.

Our Program

We are proud to offer a phenomenal preschool educational program along with the highest quality of gymnastics instruction in our own preschool gym – a combination of early socialization, learning through a balance of individual exploration and guided instruction, and development of physical coordination, fitness, and strength.

Our program is absolutely and positively the most fun-filled, and well rounded preschool education available and the only program of its kind available in the area.

Q & A

Q: Will my child be ready for Kindergarten?

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that all areas of a child's growth and development are interconnected. We strive to provide an all-encompassing program nurturing growth in social, intellectual, emotional, and physical development, a well balanced beginning for every child.

A: Definitely. Through our play based preschool program, your child will gain all of the necessary fundamentals in social, physical, and intellectual growth ensuring success in starting Kindergarten.

Q: Is there an outdoor play area?

A: Instead of going out to recess, our students enjoy our large indoor gym full of fun preschool sized gymnastics equipment including trampolines, bars, rings, parallel bars, tumbling mats, & beams, as well as streamers, scarves, parachutes, balls, hula hoops and more. No matter what the weather, students enjoy 45 minutes of fun filled active play each and every day!

Q: Can my child attend Vaulting Frogs Preschool for all three years of


A: Absolutely. Each year your child will have a unique experience building on past social, academic, and physical skills. They will continue to grow through new and exciting challenges. We believe that at this time in your child's life, their job is to play. Through this play all necessary learning takes place.

Our Teachers

Miss Jennifer has a Masters degree in Teaching and degrees in Speech Communication and Interior Design.

Miss Diane has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design.

Both Jennifer and Diane are certified USAG Preschool Gymnastics Instructors.

Owners Diane Berbati and

Jennifer Duffield

What parents are saying about us:

5.0 star rating 7/22/2019

Five stars are insufficient to rate Jennifer and Diane and their wonderful school. My daughter adores them and cannot wait to go to school every day. Not only are they wonderfully sweet and patient with my daughter, but incredibly patient with me and my new-mom concerns and questions.

Jennifer and Diane are among the most genuine and kind people I have ever met and I am so pleased that my daughter gets to spend her days with them for a third school year. - Shannon

5.0 star rating 5/30/2019

This School is by far the best for toddlers and preschoolers. Owners are loving dedicated and fantastic people who took care of my son when in my other place he was treated badly. I was always happy to leave him there knowing that he will be having fun, he's safe and learning new things in a FUN way!! Absolutely the only place where you should trust your child when it comes to day care and school! My son wouldn't be the same confident super interested learner with out these two motivating teachers! - Laura

5.0 star rating 9/22/2017

Vaulting Frogs is a warm, inclusive, play-based preschool. I love that the teachers provide thoughtful, thematic stations that allow my son to learn through different experiences. The preschool has an awesome indoor gym area, equipped with a spiral slide, trampoline, and other gymnastics equipment that is rotated. I am really thankful that the teachers are willing to address behavior issues with disruptive students early on, so that my son is in a consistently safe and balanced learning environment. Ms. Diane and Ms. Jennifer make my son feel loved, and he comes home happy! - Kayla

We are located in

Downtown Woodinville!

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