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Notes and Recommendations From

Vaulting Frogs Families:

“Jennifer and Diane,

Both of you are always at the ready with a quick smile, laugh or pat on the back to the kids. Always ready to share in a positive story for the day. It means so much to have two teachers invested in their school, invested in their program and in communication with the parents.  

I sincerely thank you both for the love and caring you have shown our kids this year,It has helped all of us to feel ready for the next school and to know what we should be looking for in our future teachers.

Thanks, Trina, Craig, Skyler & Robyn”

“My children LOVE everyday they spend at Vaulting Frogs Preschool. I adore hearing about all the wonderful experiences my 4 1/2 year old son and almost 3 year old daughter share with me each time I pick them up. Today, like most days, on our car ride home they were singing the songs they learned at school and couldn't stop talking about the art project (fossils and dino footprints) they had worked on. It makes me really happy to know that each day my children spend at preschool is loving, playful, educational, physical and fun. My son has always had a hard time saying goodbye to me. Of course this makes it very difficult for me to say goodbye to him too. The teachers, Jennifer and Diane, always scoop him up and give him the love and reassurance he and I both need. They are kind and patient to no end and I can't thank them enough for all they do. By the time I come to pick him up he rarely wants to leave. My daughter, on the other hand, was counting the days until she was old enough to join in the fun with her brother. My little lady is quite daring and she particularly enjoys the gymnastics portion of the day. With extra encouragement and support from her teachers she is growing into such an athletic, confident, sweet little person. I am so thankful for this preschool and the teachers… I really felt compelled to let others know what an amazing experience our family is having.”

“Vaulting Frogs Preschool is just fantastic! My little one loves to go"to school" and she is always coming home with stories, crafts, and other things she has learned. Miss Jennifer and Miss Diane are such caring teachers. The kids (as a group) really pay attention and are always well behaved when I arrive to drop off or pick up my little one. She always tells me" I love the trampoline the best and then the painting". I highly recommend this preschool to everyone I meet that is looking for a place for their children. Thanks so much Miss Jennifer and Miss Diane! We love you guys!!”

“Thank you Diane and Jennifer!

Kendell misses you…He was hesitant about physical stuff but now knows how much fun it is from being with you. The doctor is pleased he lost his baby fat. I give you the credit. Thank you!

Thanks and blessings from our whole family.

Elisa, Eric, and Kendell”

“My daughter has attended Vaulting Frogs since the beginning of the 2013-2014 school year and loves it! She loves the teachers, Ms. Diane and Ms. Jennifer, and always comes home at the end of her day with a big smile on her face, eager to show me her art projects from the day. In addition to the gymnastic and art activities, they also are learning numbers and letters and science.

 I have been very satisfied with Vaulting Frogs and with the conduct of Ms. Diane and Ms. Jennifer and feel very confident in leaving my daughter in their care. I would recommend this preschool too their moms!”

“Miss Diane and Miss Jennifer are very sincere in their efforts to maintain a cheerful, fun, and enriching environment for the children. They genuinely respect both the child and the parent, and my daughters feel very secure there. Very clean and competitively affordable. They are happy to provide make-up days that fit our schedule when my children are sick, unlike another preschool in the area that I've tried. Also, they were very patient and encouraging with my daughter when she was not quite 100% potty trained. My daughters are calm and well-behaved when I pick them up. What more could I ask for?!”

“We love Vaulting Frogs Preschool! This is our second year and my two younger children are currently enrolled. The teachers are amazing; very loving, patient and kind. If a child is having separation anxiety and crying, it is not uncommon for them to hold that child. This is so different from most preschools! The kids come home with such creative art projects, clearly the curriculum is well thought out and planned. The gym is such a bonus! Both my kids have improved their balance and know how to fall and not get hurt. I could write pages about what a wonderful place Vaulting Frogs is but you probably get my point!”

“We have not yet started the preschool program but wanted to take a minute to compliment this great establishment. The teachers are fabulous. Extremely knowledge able and offer a great program. We are part of a preschool program that is unfortunately relocating in the fall. We drove pass this charming school and quickly called for a tour. It is so fun inside. Extremely playful, and bright. I was so impressed by the art project from that day. Not your usual paper with glued shapes on it... Which I've collected a whole trees worth this school year. The curriculum includes math, and letters etc. The gymnastics area is big and opened. They let my daughter roam around so she could jump, balance and swing. She didn't want to leave!!! We can't wait to start in the fall!!”

“From the moment I first toured this preschool I knew it was the perfect place for my son. After enrolling my son, it took him a couple of sessions to learn and follow basic classroom rules and routines. Now he goes and has an awesome time! As a parent and a former preschool teacher, I love that my son has lots of choices for him to learn and express his creative sides. I absolutely love, love, love the gym room built for kids to learn full body control. Also the fact my son gets to explore the gymnastic world, one thing I never had a chance to do when I was young, but would have loved to. The teachers here at this school (Mrs. Jennifer and Mrs. Diane) have been very warm and welcoming, and have been very good at communicating the positive goals my child is reaching. They also help express the things that are important to work on to help my son succeed to his fullest.Hope we can stay with this preschool for some years to come!”

This has been such a great preschool for our daughter. She looks forward to every school day which says to me that the teachers are in tune with her needs. There's a curriculum that gives the students some structured learning. I love that my daughter loves to tell me what she learned or painted and who she played with. The school fosters a learning and fun environment. I believe that Diane and Jennifer's calm pleasant demeanor plays a big role in the children's success.”

“It's a wonderful preschool! The teachers are great professionals but most importantly very special persons. My kids love it! They work with projects and have a very joyful way of passing on information to the kids! Every day my daughter would come home with new information . My daughter loves the school and I'm about to enroll my son! I would definitely refer this school to anyone that wants a happy and healthy environment for your kid!’

“My son, who is now in kindergarten, went to this school. He still loves going there and we go back for Kid's Night. This was his favorite preschool and I loved how he got gymnastics every day, come rain or shine, and NO preschool had better take-home projects then my son! Jennifer and Diane are so creative! You'll just love the colorful atmosphere and the comfortable sized gym - JUST for kids.”

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